All reseller contracts differ depending on the product, services and parties involved. There are a few general sections and information that every reseller contract should include: You may encounter cases where a customer wants the supplier to be added, but it`s best to resist this idea. If the customer wants a direct relationship with the seller, the reseller must withdraw from the contract and act as a referrer and not as a reseller. A SaaS reseller agreement is an agreement in which a software service provider, called a vendor, exercises the reseller`s right to enter into contracts with customers or third parties to provide the vendor`s services to customers. A process is established that allows the reseller to enter into such contractual agreements. Rather, it is an intimate relationship, and the bond between the principal and the agent is much closer than that of a wholesaler and a reseller. Under an agency contract, the agent is required to act in the best interests of the client. For example, large companies like Apple will want to hire many resellers across Australia. If you are a business owner developing products, you may need the help of another company to sell those products directly to consumers. This is necessary if you do not have a storefront or if you are the manufacturer of the products. Here you should ask yourself if you want to hire the other company as a reseller or as an agent.

It is important to decide on a correct agreement before hiring the other company, as this dictates how the other company should behave when selling your goods. This article explores the critical differences between reseller and agency contracts so you can make the right choice for your business. When an agent withdraws from a contract with a third party, the client, whether he likes it or not, is bound by the agent`s actions. Unless the officer has moved the defined scope of his authority. There are several main differences between an agency contract and a reseller contract. As part of a commercial agency contract, the intermediary concludes the contract with the customer on behalf of the customer. Under a reseller contract, the contract exists between the reseller and the customer. If you want multiple people to resell your products, you`ll probably need a reseller contract instead of an agency contract. A commercial agency contract is an agreement between a principal (you, the owner of the goods) and an agent (the company that sells the goods on your behalf). On the other hand, a wholesaler is usually not contractually bound to the reseller`s actions. Indeed, the contract for the purchase of the goods is concluded between the reseller and the customer. It`s not between you and the customer.

This is because a reseller contract means that there is some separation between you and the customer. As a rule, an agency contract is exclusive, which means that the client has only one agent. As explained above, this is different from a reseller contract, where a wholesaler can have multiple resellers. 7. WARRANTIES AND DISCLAIMERS. 7.1 DocuSign Service Warranties. DocuSign warrants that the DocuSign Services will essentially operate in accordance with applicable DocuSign Services documentation for the applicable Term, if permitted under this Agreement. .