Edmonton Police Association 2018-2020 Collective Agreement Representation of Police Officers Who Occupy Constable, Inspector, Sergeant and Sergeant-in-Ranks with the Edmonton Police Service. The organization pointed out that the transit police has not received a salary increase since its contract expired at the end of 2015. A collective agreement has been ratified. The city is making progress in implementation. The union represents 238 workers. About 70 per cent are sworn police officers who have a lower rank than the inspector, 15 per cent are office and rescue workers and the remaining 15 per cent are distributors. «Both parties expressly object to what they see as an unfortunate perception that transit police officers are simply `price checkers`,» the decision said. Far from being «Farechecker,» Lanyon`s decision says the role of transit police officers is most similar to that of other municipal police forces in B.C. COVID 19 Update July 31, 2020 An updated letter on temporary layoffs has been obtained between the City of Edmonton (the «City») and the Canadian Union of Local Public Employees 30. Civic Service Union 52; International Brotherhood of Electricity Workers 1007; Edmonton Fire Fighters Union; Amalgamated Transit Union Local 569 and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 569, DATS Unit (together the «Unions»). The approval of CUPE 30 is provisional and is subject to its internal review and approval, which will be finalized on August 5. The March 2020 agreement on redistribution has expired and has not been revised due to slowing down redistribution requirements. The City and the unions agreed that there would be no change to the terms and conditions of employment of the currently deployed staff.

An independent arbitrator awarded TransLink`s transit agents a total salary increase of more than 10 per cent. «The transit police perform the full range of patrol missions and general investigative functions like any other police service,» Lanyon wrote. The four-year collective agreement is retroactive to January 1, 2016 and involves a 2.5 percent increase to April 1 of this year. Arbitrator Stan Lanyon`s binding decision also gives transit officers the same salary increase next year as a first-class police officer from the Vancouver Police Authority. These are not considered «legal» copies of contracts/agreements….