Call for tenders is a kind of invitation and the contract is an invitation card. The tender is based on the ppp model or, at that time, when the government does not have enough money and manpower, the government or another authority issues a call for tenders and, for the assumption of this work, different contractors submit their own tariffs to the government or authority, and which has a lower price rate, that the contractor has implemented that offer and that the contractor can respond to that offer. work, but for the execution of works have signed contracts and that conditions like you have to complete the work for a certain period, certain qualities and deposits of money like EMD, SD, etc. and these conditions are the contractual documents. To understand the difference between the tender documents and the specifications, we must first understand what these documents contain. The contractual document is the agreement of the department, customer or organization to the contractor for the execution of the works There are also some restrictions to obtain tender documents. In some cases, the contractor who is only entitled to receive the tender documents. In many cases, a framework agreement is a means for the contracting authority to draw up a framework document for its suppliers. This means that it is not necessary to launch a call for tenders more than once.

The advantage for companies is that once you have a place in the agreement, you have access to a large amount of potential work, with the expected amount. However, it is common for a buyer to «pick up» work packages through on-demand contracts, mini-competitions or even, if necessary, another tendering procedure described in the award criteria. Bid submission is common for companies that supply goods or services to other companies or the public sector. The tendering procedure for framework agreements follows the same procedure as the eu`s ordinary procurement model for all public procurement. Even if you don`t win the job this time, writing a tender can clarify your goals, strengths, and weaknesses and you can learn for the next time by asking for feedback on your offer. It increases your profile with the customer and helps you know the needs of the customers….