In some cases, if the debtor does not have physical assets to mortgage with the bank, he uses his shares and shares in a company, but more often in his own business or business. It transfers ownership of the shares and shares to the bank or credit company for a certain period of time, so that the bank, if it cannot return its debt, can sell the shares and recover the debt. On the other hand, if this causes its debt, the bank will return ownership of its shares with all the documents. The agreement that will be signed between the creditor and the debtor in this scenario is the stock and stock deposit agreement. To secure the guarantee, the loan company pledges a certain property of the debtor, so that if he cannot organize the money on time, the bank or the company can auction it and collect the money where, on the other hand, if the debtor empties his debts, his assets are returned to him without further delay with all rights and property documents. Download all these free pawning contract templates that can simply help you prepare your own contract effectively. . Important items that can be added to the agreement for shares or shares: businesses and businesses and even individuals need money all the time, and it is possible that if you need money for your business or you financially support your business, you may not be able to organize enough and you may need a loan from someone or a credit company. Most of the time, when a small amount of credit is requested by the bank or credit company. They can only grant the application by seeing the debtor`s assets, but if a huge amount of loans are under discussion, i.e. millions, the bank or the credit company must have some sort of guarantee that the debtor returns the debt in a timely manner and with the total amount.