The type service is also responsible for the production, management and distribution of aircraft manuals. Compilation is part of the approval process, but successive data management is no less important; New perceptions and implications for ensuring the safety of air traffic must be communicated to pilots. The question is: can we identify the individual costs of a particular aircraft, so that a pilot only pays the fees he has done? And how much can we allow a driver to choose which service he or she likes to use? If you move in or are repaired one of your glugs for an annual inspection or if you request another change, you receive a discount on work that can be added to the tax you pay for a policy year. Our service office is happy to help you with this matter. We tried this with two service bulletins for dg 100 and we took the liberty of asking for some money for it. It sparked massive protests, including verbal attacks. «Road flight» was even one of the sweetest expressions… Commission decision on the approval of standard inclusion clauses in bilateral air services agreements between Member States and third countries, jointly defined by the Commission and Member States. To help you keep your aircraft airworthy, we offer a service contract for an annual fee. Starting in 2010, all assistance services for Glaser-Dirks and Rolladen-Schneider aircraft will only be available through this service contract, which has been in existence since 2010. If you supposedly purchased a used aircraft and sign a service contract in the same year, the reduced fee of €245.00 net applies. The form for the service contract can be accessed here.

Please read carefully, fill in all the fields and sign it. Send it to us by letter, fax or email (in the form of a PDF document) and send the initial premium. This will help us provide you with continuous, uninterrupted service. Finally, the type supporter is fully responsible for maintaining the technical strength and safety of the aircraft type design. This means that any incident of structural failure worldwide must be reported to the certifying body – in our case, EESA – which asks the type supporter to conduct an investigation. If a design defect is the cause of the structural error, a solution must be developed to prevent this failure from happening again on existing aircraft of this type. The type supporter must establish service bulletins and airworthiness policies and even pay for their certification. You are talking about a reduction associated with service and maintenance. What does that mean? But let me ask you: do we deserve it? Should we support the same for every future ServiceBulletin? I own a glider from your company that I just bought second hand.

Do I have to make a service contract? No, you don`t have to. All glies built after 1996 by DG Aerostructure use our lifetime after-sales service. You bought it practically with your used plane. The same goes for customers who own such a DG or LS sailboat and want to sell it. The buyer is not obliged to sign a service contract. The only alternative to paid service contracts would have been to abandon all types of support and service for aircraft built by Glaser-Dirks and Rolladen-Schneider. A horizontal agreement is an international agreement negotiated by the European Commission on behalf of EU member states to bring all existing bilateral air services agreements between EU member states and a given third country into line with EU law. Worldwide, type service is the interlocutor for maintenance companies that repair it with difficult repairs, z.B.