In 2010[23], Xchanging expanded into the European financial sector by developing an eighth «corporate partnership» with the Italian group SIA-SSB. [24] As part of this transaction, Xchanging acquired 51% of Kedrios S.p.A. (Kedrios), SIA-SSB`s Italian subsidiary specialising in securities processing and fund management for the Italian market. [25] Two years later, Xchanging and Lloyd`s of London established two more «corporate partnerships»[10], one for claims processing and the other for the back-office system of the London insurance market. The latter is also a partner of the IUA[11]. Further partnerships were signed in 2004 with Deutsche Bank[12][13] (introduction of xchanging on the European financial market), in 2006 with Aon (in the field of brokerage services)[14] and Allianz GI[15][16][17] in 2007. Xchanging employs more than 7,000 people worldwide. [4] Xchanging provides IT outsourcing, infrastructure including network-managed services, software products, and application management. It also sells procurement services. Xchanging is a provider and integrator of business processes and technology services owned by DXC Technology. It provides technology-driven business services to the commercial insurance industry. In outsourcing, Xchanging typically takes over a client`s business process or back-office function and integrates it into an existing platform that they believe offers improved and cost-effective management of administrative tasks.

[3] XCS / XIS Service Status Screen XCS / XIS Service Status Twitter Feed XIS Insurance Portal Xchanging Knowledge Repository Xchanging plc Website In 2000, Xchanging and BAE Systems established the first of these «corporate partnerships»[6] for HR services (see also[7]). This was quickly followed by a second, still at BAE Systems, for indirect purchases. [8] In 2012, Xchanging entered the U.S. indirect supply MARKET through an agreement with the United States. BAE Systems, which represents $800 million in expenses that must be processed over the course of a year. [9] In 2001, Lloyd`s and the International Underwriting Association (IUA) entered into partnerships with Xchanging. Xchanging Ins-sure Services (XIS) has seen the creation of a single «office» for lloyd`s and premium services and policy processing companies. Xchanging Claims Service (XCS) provides claims processing services for Lloyd`s Market. In 2016, Xchanging was acquired by CSC. In 2017, CSC merged with HP Enterprise Services to form DXC Technology. In mid-2010, Xchanging acquired the security and technology communication company Data Integration.

[26] The company[27] is an IT services company in the United Kingdom. The company specializes in network security, application optimization, mobility services, high-performance networks, IP telephony and open access networks. Xchanging has offices in ten main locations – Australia – Insurance and Procurement, France – RTO and Nasdaq, Italy – Monetary Policy and Clearing, Germany, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States. [33] In 2007,[18] Xchanging was listed on the London Stock Exchange and joined the FTSE250. [19] [20] In May 2016, CSC acquired Xchanging plc in a transaction worth £480 million, or approximately $720 million. [31] Xchanging was founded in 1999 by David Andrews, a former partner at Andersen Consulting. .