Baltimore County Regulations. As part of a settlement agreement to be filed today in federal court, Baltimore County has committed to undertake full investigation, remediation and maintenance work throughout its health canal system, which is expected to result in improvements of more than $800 million over the next 141.2 years. Under the approval order, the WSSC is also required to pay a fine of $1.1 million, divided equally between the United States and Maryland, as well as to complete three additional environmental projects worth $4.4 million, set out in the agreement. As part of the first project, WSSC will acquire conservation facilities and/or acquire unded land in the vicinity of the Patuxent Reservoir (an important source of drinking water for Montgomery and Prince George`s Counties) to reduce the flow of pollutants to the reservoir. Under the second project, WSSC will further reduce the nitrogen content from its wastewater treatment plant for Western branches, benefiting the Chesapeake Bay. The third project involves the WSSC helping some low-income residents in Montgomery and Prince George counties separate the flow of rainwater from the WSSC`s private property collection system that contributes to storm overflows and backups. In today`s tally, WSSC has accepted a number of changes and improvements. The Commission will conduct major sewer assessments for its 26 sewer basins, covering more than 5,000 miles of pipeline, to repair or replace identified problems. WSSC will conduct performance assessments of the changes and develop a revised «collection system operating and maintenance plan» that will require more frequent cleaning, root control and tube transfer. The terms of the agreement also require wsSC to develop revised «emergency response plans» for sanitary channel overflows and fuses and to improve the operation of its pumping stations when experiencing overflows. The company is also required to introduce a new Fat and Fat Authorization (FOG) program that requires «food establishments» in Montgomery County and Prince George County to obtain authorization to unload FOG into the collection system, which sets standards for better fog management.