The HMO is involved in genuine collective bargaining in the sector. It is one of the signatories of the collective agreement, which commits all employees of the public service. In addition, the UHM enters into a number of ancillary agreements within public services. For this reason, the HMO plays a dual role in the collective bargaining scenario of the public service, as representatives of important interests on behalf of all workers in the sector, with other unions and as the sole negotiator in the majority of government services. The official interviewed estimated that the UHM had some 40 ancillary agreements in the public services sector. These agreements contain specific provisions and conditions for each workstation. The union is also involved in the consultation on the sector. All employees in the sector are subject to a kind of collective scheme which, in most cases, results in a collective agreement, a secondary contract or formal consultation meetings. The public administration employed approximately 11,593 people in 2007. This proportion represents about 7% of the total Maltese labour force. Unions have traditionally been strong in this sector. Four unions participate in collective bargaining, namely the General Union of Workers, the United Workers Union, the Union of Architects and Engineers of the Public Service and the Professional Union-Planning Authority.

All workers employed in this sector are related to the activity, with the exception of armed forces and police workers who are not eligible to join a registered union. The agreement, which governs the working conditions of 254 employees and extends them until 2023, provides for improved wages and conditions while ensuring the stability of the workforce in order to guarantee the highest performance standards to which the Authority has committed. Last November, the Authority concluded the collective agreement for PA workers in professional notes. The GWU is one of the main players in collective bargaining that takes place in the public administration. The secretary of the government and public bodies section of the union is thus a signatory to the collective agreement of the collective agreement «Public Service Workers». This collective agreement is the most important contract between workers working in this sector.