– within 30 days for tourists. Toutists should travel on the basis of an original copy of the agreement on the provision of tourist services (good) and confirmation of the acceptance of foreign tourists. Russia has concluded agreements to cancel consular costs with Algeria (1965), [474] Angola (15. Apr 1985[475] Iran (February 15, 1966), Japan (April 1, 1965), Mauritania (477),[478] New Zealand (1stpr 1962). [479] Agreement with Bangladesh[480][481] Cambodia[482][483] India,[484] and Pakistan[487][487] We are not authorized to provide visa advice. For more information, please contact the Russian Consulate/Embassy in your country! In most cases, passengers transiting through international airports do not require a transit visa of less than 24 hours[198] provided a confirmed ticket is maintained and the traveller remains in the international transit zone (without periodic screening). [199] I have permanent residence in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the holder of an Indian passport, can I get a visa-free entry to Russia? If so, what are the entry points? Thank you Visa is not necessary for holders of diplomatic passports and service (agreement reached between the government of the USSR and the government of the People`s Republic of Kampuchea for a visa exemption for citizens of both states during business travel with passports diplomatic or service of 17.03.1988) Russia`s visa policy deals with the requirements: that a foreigner wishing to enter the Russian Federation must complete in order to obtain a visa, an authorization to travel to the country, to enter and stay there. Visa exemptions are based on bilateral or multilateral agreements. Russia has agreements with a large number of countries whose citizens are visa-exempt or can apply for an online visa (e-visa). Citizens of countries that do not have such an agreement with Russia must obtain a visa in advance from a Russian diplomatic representation or visa centre. Visitors were also granted the right to enter Russia without a visa during the 2014 Olympic Winter Games and the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi if they held tickets to the event. [545] Players at the 2016 IIHF World Cup were able to obtain visas on arrival as fans were simplified for issuing visas. [546] 2017 Fifa Confederations Cup holders were able to enter Russia from 7 June to 12 July 2017 without a visa with a spectator`s personalised card (also known as a supporter`s or fan-ID`s passport) and national passport from 7 June to 12 July 2017, if they have a laminated FIFA FAN card; From June 14 to July 2, 2017, if you have a FIFA FAN electronic identification card.