B) environmental restrictions. The tenant does not use the denied premises for activities that directly or indirectly relate to the use, production, processing, storage or disposal of hazardous or toxic chemicals, substances, substances or waste («dangerous materials») and that the denied premises are used only in accordance with the applicable environmental legislation, regulations and regulations. The lessor has the right, but not the obligation, to inspect the denied premises and to test if the owner has a reasonable belief that hazardous materials are on the denied premises. If tests indicate the presence of these hazardous substances and the tenant has not removed the hazardous materials upon request, the owner has the right to enter the denied premises immediately in order to correct the impurities found. In exercising its rights, the lessor will do everything in its power to minimize interference in the tenant`s business, but this entry does not constitute a total or partial dislodging of the tenant and the lessor is not liable for any disturbances, losses or damage caused to the property or business of the tenant, if this contamination is not due or resulting from the acts of the lessor. , or shares. If a lender or government agency is required to request a review to determine whether hazardous materials have been released, the reasonable costs are reimbursed by the tenant to the landlord at the landlord`s request as additional rent if this requirement is due to the storage or use of hazardous material by the tenant in the denied premises. The tenant must perform insurance, representations and representations under oath from time to time, at the justified request of the lessor, with regard to the best real knowledge and the tenant`s belief that dangerous material is present in the denied premises or the tenant`s intention to store or use hazardous materials in the denied premises. A) Renewal. If the tenant is not late in the execution of this contract, the tenant has the option of extending the agreement to an additional annual deadline – beginning on the termination date by indicating a notification as described in Subsection B below. A commercial lease agreement covers almost all types of commercial real estate, including: Properties on this site are also required for other people who do not have the commercial abbreviated commercial version in pdf form. Expects that no damage or special concerns will be done and, e.g. should work in business rents, are not tenants for Ontario residents.

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