The rest is in the new marriage agreement kk… 😊 «One, You`ve, Tii…. ». Erly stopped when Lisa opened the door. . Lo. Lisa said she would get rid of Erly`s hand. «Lisa opens the door! I know you`re at dalem.» Call Erly behind the door. «So he was there?» I asked in a somewhat surprised tone. Many people complain that it is difficult to find work. Especially for new graduates who have no work experience.

Many have applied here and there, but have never had a job. Duhh curious endny. the story is light, but can touch baper a good story, very interesting a bunch of moral messages contain there … We learn from it. «Why, we`re still stupid,» Erly said he was trying to water down the atmosphere. Duh… I`m late. «were extracted from Chapter 21. I took it off. Curious to tingling god «Haha really stupid, where there is such a story «.

Don`t oversized him. I am good. There is only one other man who comes to work, wants to see the Korean drama. «. Lisa answered. Lisa ignores Erly and returns to the front of her TELEVISION screen to see her Korean drama that she voluntarily pauses. I read until chapter 24 b.Is that the last one. ? The dance sighs deeply. Her tears flowed. He is still sitting in his place and not leaving yet. Meanwhile, Ami is next to his business.

The study has just been completed, some akhwat have started to get up and leave the mosque. Some are still chatting, others are busy with their phones. «That`s not what I mean, but I`m really worried about you two days not working, and your phone is also really not active. What is wrong with you? «. Ask Erly who cares about Lisa. 11 a.m. I decided to leave the room right after seeing Raka`s car enter the yard through my second floor bedroom window. I didn`t go straight to bed and I deliberately waited for him to come home.

I`m still haunted by curiosity, so I can`t wait to show you and ask what I found in the garage this afternoon. «Once again, you`re comparing me to Martha.» I was in the door and gave a cynical view of Raka. «Just put it on the table next to the couch, Martha,» he says without worrying about the very boring flat clay. Raka immediately looked up, the pen he was holding until he fell to the ground. Seeing him so scared, it was like I wanted to laugh. She must have been very surprised that it was not Martha`s voice that heard it. The AV link at the bottom of the article was directly related to my wa-Teeeh😊😊 «It`s not going to fire you. I`ll tell him later. I`m not worried about you.

I heard you were sick until you didn`t go to work for two days. Tell me, what are you tired of? Cancer, tumors, leukemia, gin failure…. Awwwuuww ill Lis,» Erly was rubbing her forehead when Lisa hit her. «Ly… «. Call Lisa after she`s finished laughing. Erly and Lisa kept quiet as if they were justifying their ridiculous lives. Please click on my link AV yes tea, later I log on to the next distributor😊 was deleted by the author because the sequel is in the novel mbka 🙂 please check again mbk I have linknya benerkan 🙂 Read early biantari by wa group, usually temenku send in wa group 3xsehari tomorrow afternoon malem .. dah like taking medication hee.. sampe really curious answer temenku blm share for wa group. not udah the end kok there appeared again the first series … really curious to wait for my friend to send wa Group.

I`m a hoax try google tadaaaa akhirnyaa marathon I read sampe tuntass selesaiii … the story is really bagusss make deg2an romantic dapet a lot of messages … Two inches up The novel is good.