Training compensation is made when a company pays for a training program for which a staff member decides. As a general rule, training should relate to the position of staff. Measures to reimburse training benefits generally fall under the category of assistance for study or education. No employer policy is complete without the recognition of workers. Your directive should include a staff training contract. Most companies that need employees to get training, but give them the freedom to choose the program cover the costs. As more and more employers provide online training and in-house training, workers have more opportunities. Your compensation policy for employee training should also specify how much you are willing to pay. Please note here also the limits of IrS education assistance. The choice of employees, where they wish to participate in the necessary continuing education, is also important in companies with remote teams. Staff wishing to take personal training can opt for a program close to where they live.

Add your training reimbursement policy to your staff manual. Make sure your employees have access to a digital or physical copy of the manual. Explanation between employer and worker – this implies at least one sentence showing that the employee and his employer have reached an agreement. Under the labour code, workers and employers can agree on financial assistance for employer-to-pay training. In return, the worker is expected to work for the employer for an agreed period after the training – but a maximum of 3 years – depending on the duration and cost of the training. The worker is legally obliged to reimburse the training costs in the event of voluntary resignation by the worker or dismissal for breach of work obligations. In any event, the reimbursement should be proportional to the time worked in the company after the training. The portion to be repaid depends on the time between the training and the end of the contract; Training costs can be reimbursed in one or more tranches, depending on the amount. Many companies, which allow your employees to voluntarily pursue their skills and knowledge, include the training allowance in an education promotion policy.

Education assistance is reimbursed by staff who have completed training, certification or diploma. Staff training can be costly. Nevertheless, it helps to improve their working abilities for better performance. If employees decide to leave the organization, an employer may require them to reimburse the training costs. However, this can only be effective if there is a well-designed compensation agreement for staff training. Let`s learn how to reach an effective agreement on the reimbursement of training.