That is the language of words in my treatise. As I said above, I had about three years to get my work together. Think of your third year as your grace period. In the third year, I had nothing else to do after passing my A2 certification exam and I was confident that I had passed. However, I had to wait several months to get my official certificate before going to the immigration department with a copy. My recommendation is to plan your time accordingly. Don`t risk reaching the end of your third year without certification. As I understand the trial, the execution of the agreement allows me to ask for my fourth Permesso di soggiorno without complications. If, after 3 years, the number of points is less than 30, equal to or less than zero, the agreement is considered partially unfilled or unfilled. Such a condition may, under certain conditions, lead to the withdrawal of the residence permit or the refusal of extension and removal.

Once the agreement is signed, you will receive 16 points. Participation in the free citizen training course is confirmed if the agreement is successfully reviewed. I apologize for such a delay in your response. Follow this link, which contains an English pdf of the agreement, and, from page 5, you can see the list of points that are reported to you. The most important is, of course, the certification of the A2 language and the conclusion of the civil knowledge class. Other items earn extra points, but without the fulfillment of language and civil, you can still have a surplus of points, but not able to «pass». When I received the official notice of compliance with the criteria of the agreement, the office listed my census of points, which did not contain many other things for which I should have accumulated points, even though I had provided the necessary documents. I don`t understand how the office follows all the points. Maybe in my case, they saw that I had reached the Biggies, who were reaching the points threshold, and they left them there.

I hope it helps. An agreement is incorporated when the parties accept the letter or the writings as a definitive and complete expression of the agreement. Credits are assessed by immigration Help Desk (SUI) in the prefecture. Two years after the signing of the agreement, the SUI reviews the documents that the foreign national must keep and update. If the foreigner does not have this documentation, he must pass a test of Italian linguistic and civic culture carried out by the Helpdesk. If the final number of credits is zero or less, the dissolution of the agreement is ratified by measures of the Magistrate. This may lead to the cancellation or refusal of the renewal of the residence permit and the removal of the foreigner from the Italian territory. If you apply for the residence permit you apply for from the prefecture or the police prefecture, you will be asked to sign the agreement. You will be able to read it in your own language and you will receive a copy to keep.

What do you say when you sign the integration contract? Signing commitments are 5 to 1.